4-Week Microgreen Salad Program
4-Week Microgreen Salad Program

4-Week Microgreen Salad Program

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The gift that keeps on giving . . . for four long weeks of winter! 
Each week we'll deliver a portion of fresh, mixed microgreens to your door (or to a named recipient, if you're giving this program as a gift)

Fill your salads with our microgreens, harvested that same morning. Flavourful nutrients at their freshest and most intense. Just what winter calls for!

  • Harvest & Delivery* Days are on Tuesday or Friday.
  • We deliver in reusable glass jars, just like folks used to do with milk :) Just say no to plastic.
  • We'll pick up the used jar with the following week's delivery earning a $2 refund per jar!

*Delivery limited to postal areas: m6e, m6g, m6h, m6j, m6k, m6n, m6p, m6r and m6s.

Curbside pick-up from the Junction farmhouse is also available. :)

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