Broccoli Microgreens - 4-Week Program
Broccoli Microgreens - 4-Week Program

Broccoli Microgreens - 4-Week Program

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How it Works
You'll receive a portion of broccoli microgreens each week for four weeks. Harvest/delivery/pickup days are Tuesdays and Fridays - tell us your preference.

Open-ended subscriptions (earning a 10% discount, which can be cancelled or paused at any time) are also available.

Broccoli Microgreens
Broccoli microgreens are tender with mild broccoli and cabbage flavor. The leaves are brilliant green with a thin whitish stem with light shades of purple.

Broccoli microgreens are rich in vitamins K, C, B6, and E, folate, dietary fiber phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. They contain high levels of the cellular detoxifier sulforaphane, which may help to prevent cancer and rejuvenate the immune system. Note, sulforaphane is heat-sensitive, so avoid cooking your broccoli microgreens – add them at the last minute to cooked dishes or simply eat them raw in a salad or sandwich.

Use as a pizza topping, in soups, curries, omelets, stir fries, with pasta and other hot dishes. Popular for juicing.

50 grams in a returnable (please) 0.5 liter glass jar.

Species: Brassica oleracea var italica
Seed Country of Origin: USA
Seeds Certified: Canada Organic

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